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Schools organization is reviewed

Last Tuesday (21st of February), during the President’s strategic council, President Sigbritt Karlsson announced a proposal of an investigation to consider the conditions and possibilities of integrate BIO, CHE and STH as well as CSC, EES and ICT. A review of the ECE School’s organisation will also be done, which then is formulated in the decision: "Beslut om förändrad skolorganisation/Decisions on changes in school organization".

KTH Campus celebrates 100 years

Join us in celebrating the centenary of KTH Campus, either with your own activity or by taking part in the exciting festivities that are planned!

KTH's most cited research in 2016

Research on the search for unknown matter in space and studies on the suns effect on earth’s high-technological life were topics of KTH’s most cited papers in 2016. One of the involved researchers is Per-Arne Lindqvist, department of space and plasma physics. Congratulations!  

Thank you!

On the 20th and 21st of December, Karin, Lise-Lotte, Anita, Margreth and Dora said goodbye to KTH. They have done a fantastic job and we will miss them dearly!


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