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  • School's reorganisation: summary of the final report

    Published Sep 14, 2017
    The President has in decision V-2017-0215 directed the working group to plan for an integration of the CSC, EES- and ICT-schools. The aim has been to facilitate the formation of broad educational programs, to create an organization based on scientific fields, to provide a better balance between research and education at the school level and to ensure that the student support should be uniform over all of KTH. The administrative support should leverage scale advantages to become more efficient and increase quality. A more uniform KTH should be achieved across all KTH’s four campi.

  • The last e(e)lectrical Christmas

    Published Sep 11, 2017
    We welcome all employees to one last electrical Christmas party on the 7th of December!

  • Formation of two new groups

    Published Jun 30, 2017
    In addition to previous decisions, the President has clarified that the focus of the continued work for ICT, EES and CSC is that one school should be formed. The schedule of work is proceeding as planned.

  • Latest on the school organisation

    Published Jun 28, 2017
    In the beginning of 2017 President Sigbritt Karlsson made a decision to review the school organisation at KTH. On this page, you will find information about the President’s decision and the coming integration of EES, ICT and CSC.

  • Pictures from the summer celebration 2017

    Published Jun 26, 2017
    On June 15, the School of Electrical Engineering celebrated the academic year 2016/2017, a successful year in both research and education, with a barbeque.

  • Pictures from the Electron Race

    Published Jun 22, 2017
    On June 14th, the School of Electrical Engineering arranged the first ever Electron Race.

  • Result from The Electron Race

    Published Jun 16, 2017
    On Wednesday the 14th of June, the first ever The Electron Race took place. A total of 68 people made their way around the three kilometer long track. Awards were given to the three fastest women, three fastest men and the fittest department.

  • Schools organization is reviewed

  • Student recruitment events during the spring 2017

    Published Feb 13, 2017
    Every year the School organise and participate in several different recruitment events and activities.

  • Formation of two new departments at the School of Electrical Engineering

    Published Dec 22, 2016
    By the end of the year two new departments will be formed at the School of Electrical Engineering: “Information Science and Engineering”, and “Network and Systems Engineering”.  This is made through a merge of Signal Processing and Communication Theory, and an expansion of Communication Network.

  • EE's IT support introduces opening hours

    Published Nov 11, 2016
    As of today, there are opening hours for visiting the school's IT unit. The e-mail support is open all hours as usual.

  • Do the environmental training - first 25 get a gift!

    Published Nov 08, 2016
    Have you done the environmental training for employees? If not, now is a good opportunity to do it! If you are one of the first 25 to finish the training, you receive a GreenCup!

  • Package deliveries to STEX

    Published Oct 10, 2016
    The student office (STEX) is a service to students and teachers for exams and course administration. Due to popular demand, STEX will also function as a service for deliveries and packages to the school.

  • How to Write the Impact of a Horizon 2020 Proposal

    Published Sep 01, 2016
    You are invited to attend a course held by Dr Sean McCarthy, specialist in training courses for European researchers, on the 26th of October. Welcome!

  • Material for business trips

    Published Aug 24, 2016
    Are you going to a conference or on a work related trip? We have put together templates, a list of material and links that can be useful for you.

  • 'Together we are critical mass'

    Published May 18, 2016
    At the School of Electrical Engineering (Elektro), women graduate students are in the minority in every department. But a network for women doctoral students provides them with support and inspiration in a larger group.

  • New network aims to promote research careers for women

    Published Apr 14, 2016
    When Emma Tegling started her Ph.D. studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, she quickly noticed a high level of diversity in terms of cultural background but not as much in terms of gender. The lack of female role models inspired her to create a platform where female colleagues could collaborate, inspire and support each other.

  • A new department is born

    Published Apr 13, 2016
    What would everyday life in Stockholm look like if electric vehicles handled all the transportation? The question engaged both researchers and administrative staff at a kick-off at the Department of Electric Power and Energy Systems (Elkraftteknik).

  • EE's summer event

    Published Mar 30, 2016
    Welcome to the EE summer celebration!

  • Affect future activities by participating in the employee survey

    Published Mar 09, 2016
    It's time for a new round of the employee survey (MUS) about the working environment and conditions at KTH. A link to the online questionnaire has been sent to your email address. Do not miss this chance to express your opinions about your work situation and thereby influence the actions and activities that the school and your department will prioritize for improving the working conditions in the future.

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