Formation of two new groups

The school reorganisation at KTH

Published Jun 30, 2017

In addition to previous decisions, the President has clarified that the focus of the continued work for ICT, EES and CSC is that one school should be formed. The schedule of work is proceeding as planned.

Two new groups have been formed

The next step is the formation of two new groups. One will work with organisation and management in general, and the other with administration. In the group for organisation and management, Lars Nordström (EES), Ann Lantz (CSC) and Jens Zander (ICT) will be included. The group is linked to a reference group in which head of departments as well as Director of first and second cycle eduation and Director of third cycle edustion from the relevant schools are included.

The group for administration will include: Christina Billing-Eriksson (CSC), Gabriella Hernqvist (EES), Marianne Lundin (ICT), Agneta Rune (EES) and Maria Widlund (CSC) and Christina Zander (ICT).

The two working groups are now planning their work. The first part of the work will be finished in the beginning of September.

Additional documents may be found in the Swedish version of this article.


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