Administrative support

The Dean's office work with support within economy, HR, IT and communication.


At each department, there are one or more department economists. They manage invoices, financial statements, expense reports, contracts and reporting sickness among other things. 



Each department has a personnel administrator who is responsible for writing employment contracts, reviewing travel expense claims and leave requests, disbursements of outlays and other remunerations. The personnel administrator also provides assistance to employees in various employee related issues such as employment, leave, employee benefits and insurance and has knowledge of KTH's personnel system KTH-RES, KTH for me and the Self-reporting system. They are also responsible for the introduction of new employees in the department. Within the school's central HR group we handle, among other things, school recruitment and overall work environment issues.



The IT department administrates e-mail lists and function e-mails, the school’s Windows systems, software licenses and purchase of software and hardware. 



Our communication is not solely intended for the world to be aware of us. It also contributes to strengthening the KTH brand. Through our brand, we create a clear and uniform image of KTH with various interested parties. A key to success here is being as consistent as possible, to clarify KTH as the sender.

Contact and on-going projects


Food orders

General support 

General support for all employees at KTH

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