Network for female Ph.D. students

Since 2015, there is a female Ph.D. network at the School of Electrical Engineering. It aims to promote research careers for women and to be a platform for collaboration, inspiration and discussion.

Want to join?

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact:  the network coordinators

The network is centred around three key words: inspiration, support and collaboration. The members support and help each other and provide suggestions on how to make the EE-school a even better place of work. It also gives members the oppertunity to extend their inter-departmental relationships and collaborations, and to receive stimulating input to their research from members of neighbouring fields. 


Trough out the year, between around four events are arranged. The events are both of formal and informal character. They consist of everything from inspirational talks and seminars to picnics and other fun activities, such as bowling. 

Purpose and goal

The network has several goals. A few of them are to inspire each other and to get educated about gender perspectives. It also aims to improve inter-department relations and communications and to support members in order to help them grow and evolve in their work. 

Emma Tegling, founder of the network, says:

“The network provides opportunities for us to meet inspiring role models, such as the female faculty members from our own school, but also to gain inspiration from each other. By meeting up, we’re able to see that there are quite many of us, even though we’re a minority. It’s truly energising to see how many women there are at the EE School conducting excellent research.” 

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